Walk on England's highest mountains, valleys and passes.

The Lake District was voted the top walking destination in the UK for 2006 by members of the Ramblers Association. The Northern Lake District has some of Britain’s best, most scenic and most accessible, walking areas. Whether a you like a short stroll or a strenuous high level mountain walk, there is something here for everyone.

Winter walking on Green Gable

Affecting both high and low level routes, the weather in the Lake District can change very quickly and you should always dress appropriately: a breathable and windproof top layer may be all you need but, if rain does seem likely, then a breathable waterproof outer layer will also be needed if you are going to be walking for any length of time. A base layer to ‘wick’ perspiration away from you skin and a mid-layer fleece (in cool conditions) will also help to keep you feeling comfortable. Comfortable and supportive footwear with good grip, especially in wet conditions, is also very important. Trainers are not suitable footware. Any of the specialist outdoor clothing shops in Keswick will be pleased to advise.

The National Park Authority’s Weatherline Service on 0870 055 0575 can provide a local forecast before you start your walk. You can view the Lake District fell forecast here .

Always remember to take enough food and drink for your walk – and a proper map of the area.

If you’re heading onto the fells and mountains, then a compass and basic navigational skills will help prevent your getting lost. Do not rely on a mobile phone "for emergencies", as you may well be walking in areas where there is no signal!

If you or your children decide to stop for a swim, be careful - Lake District waters are often cold and deep.

Should an emergency arise the emergency services (including Moutain Rescue) can be summoned by calling 999. You will need to give as much detail about your location and situation as possible.

Further advice is on this Mountain Rescue website.

Many walking guide books are available for Keswick and the North Lakes.

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